“Rett Syndrome. Therapeutic Interventions”, M. Lotan, J. Merrick, 2011


I. Rett syndrome: An introduction with emphasis on clinical characteristics and intervention. Meir Lotan (1)

II. Rett syndrome: Reflections on the constraints and opportunities in therapy. Alison M. Kerr (39)

III. Rett syndrome: The Israeli Rett Syndrome Center model. A transdisciplinary play-based assessment. Meir Lotan, Iris Manor-Binyamini, Cochavit Elefant, Judy Wine, Einat Saraf and Yael Yoshei (47)

IV. Rett syndrome: Guidelines for individual intervention. Meir Lotan (61)

V. Rett syndrome: Osteoporosis, a research investigation and clinical suggestions. Lilit Zysman and Meir Lotan (77)

VI. Rett syndrome: Clinical insights at meal-time. Judy Wine, Yael Yoshei and Meir Lotan (97)

II. Rett syndrome: Digestive system and nutritional considerations. Meir Lotan and Lilit Zysman (119)

VIII. Rett syndrome: The use of augmentative communication strategies to enhance communication. Judy Wine (137)

IX. Rett syndrome: Physical therapy intervention. Meir Lotan (155)

X. Rett syndrome: Occupational therapy intervention. Yael Yoshei and Meir Lotan (185)

XI. Rett syndrome: Possibilities through music therapy. Cochavit Elefant (217)

XII. Rett syndrome: Hydrotherapy across the life span with a review of the literature and three case studies. Meir Lotan and Caroline Barmatz (231)

XIII. Rett syndrome: Hippotherapy intervention. Maciques Rodriguez Elaime and Meir Lotan (247)

XIV. Rett syndrome: Therapeutic options with snoezelen. Meir Lotan (279)

XV. Rett syndrome: Assistive technology and supplementary treatment. Meir Lotan (299)

XVI. Rett syndrome: Environmental adjustments as fulcrum to familial balance. Yael Lahav-Danieli and Meir Lotan (353)

XVII. Rett syndrome: Alternative therapeutic interventions. Meir Lotan (391)

XVIII. Rett syndrome: Aging. Joav Merrick, Meir Lotan, Isack Kandel and Mohammed Morad (413)

XIX. About the editors (425)

XX. About the Israel Rett Syndrome Center (427)

XXI. About the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in Israel (429)

XXII. About the book series on Disability Studies (433)

INDEX (435)